• 10 Examples of Impact Investing in Emerging Markets in 2024

10 Examples of Impact Investing in Emerging Markets in 2024

Abstract: Impact investing has gained significant traction in recent years as investors increasingly prioritize both financial returns and positive social or environmental impact. Emerging markets, in particular, offer a plethora of opportunities for impactful investments that address critical societal needs while delivering sustainable financial returns. This article highlights 10 examples of impactful investments in emerging markets in 2024, showcasing the work of impact investing funds operating in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

1. Microfinance in Asia: Microfinance institutions (MFIs) play a pivotal role in providing financial services to underserved populations, particularly in Asia where access to traditional banking services remains limited. The Asian Development Bank (ADB) is actively involved in supporting microfinance initiatives across the region. According to ADB President Masatsugu Asakawa, “Microfinance is a powerful tool for poverty reduction and inclusive growth in Asia. By providing access to credit, savings, and insurance, microfinance empowers individuals to improve their livelihoods and build resilient communities” (Asian Development Bank, 2023). To learn more about ADB’s microfinance initiatives, visit their website: Asian Development Bank. Additionally, ADB offers capacity-building programs for microfinance institutions to enhance their sustainability and impact.

2. Renewable Energy in Africa: Investments in renewable energy are crucial for promoting sustainable development and combating energy poverty in Africa. The African Development Bank (AfDB) is a key player in financing renewable energy projects across the continent. AfDB President Dr. Akinwumi Adesina emphasizes, “Renewable energy is the future of Africa’s energy landscape. By investing in solar, wind, and hydroelectric projects, we can provide clean and affordable energy to millions of people while mitigating climate change” (African Development Bank, 2023). Explore AfDB’s renewable energy initiatives at African Development Bank. Additionally, AfDB collaborates with governments and private sector stakeholders to develop policy frameworks and regulatory incentives that support renewable energy investment.

3. Affordable Housing in Latin America: Access to affordable housing remains a significant challenge in many Latin American countries. Impact investing funds like the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) are actively involved in financing affordable housing projects across the region. According to IDB President Mauricio Claver-Carone, “Investing in affordable housing is essential for promoting social inclusion and economic development in Latin America. By providing financing for housing developments, we can improve living standards and empower communities” (Inter-American Development Bank, 2023). Discover more about IDB’s affordable housing initiatives at Inter-American Development Bank. Additionally, IDB conducts research and knowledge-sharing activities to promote innovative housing solutions and sustainable urban development.

4. Agriculture and Food Security in Asia: Investments in agriculture are crucial for promoting food security and economic development in Asia. The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) plays a vital role in financing agricultural projects across the region. According to IFAD President Gilbert F. Houngbo, “Investing in agriculture is investing in the future of Asia. By supporting smallholder farmers and rural enterprises, we can boost productivity, improve livelihoods, and ensure food security for millions of people” (International Fund for Agricultural Development, 2023). Dive deeper into IFAD’s agricultural finance initiatives at International Fund for Agricultural Development. Additionally, IFAD works with local communities to promote sustainable farming practices and enhance agricultural resilience to climate change.

5. Healthcare in Africa: Access to quality healthcare is a fundamental human right, yet millions of people in Africa lack adequate healthcare services. The Global Health Investment Fund (GHIF) is dedicated to investing in healthcare companies and projects across the continent. GHIF Managing Director Christopher Egerton-Warburton states, “Investing in healthcare is not just about saving lives; it’s about building resilient health systems that can withstand future challenges. By supporting healthcare initiatives, we can improve health outcomes and promote economic development in Africa” (Global Health Investment Fund, 2023). Explore GHIF’s healthcare investments at Global Health Investment Fund. Additionally, GHIF partners with local healthcare providers and community organizations to strengthen healthcare delivery and improve health infrastructure.

6. Education in Latin America: Investments in education are critical for empowering individuals and driving socio-economic development in Latin America. The Education Development Impact Bond (EDIB) is actively involved in financing education initiatives across the region. EDIB CEO Maria Arana remarks, “Investing in education is investing in the future of Latin America. By supporting schools, teacher training programs, and education technology, we can unlock the potential of millions of young people and drive positive social change” (Education Development Impact Bond, 2023). Learn more about EDIB’s education finance initiatives at Education Development Impact Bond. Additionally, EDIB works closely with governments and educational institutions to improve education policies and enhance learning outcomes.

7. Clean Water and Sanitation in Asia: Access to clean water and sanitation is essential for promoting public health and environmental sustainability in Asia. Water.org is a prominent impact investing fund that focuses on financing water and sanitation projects across the region. Water.org Co-Founder Matt Damon emphasizes, “Access to clean water and sanitation is a basic human right. By investing in water projects, we can improve health outcomes, empower communities, and protect the environment” (Water.org, 2023). Discover Water.org’s water and sanitation initiatives at Water.org. Additionally, Water.org advocates for policy reforms and public-private partnerships to accelerate progress towards universal access to clean water and sanitation.

8. Financial Inclusion in Africa: Financial inclusion is crucial for promoting economic empowerment and reducing poverty in Africa. The Mastercard Foundation is actively involved in investing in fintech startups and digital payment platforms across the continent. Mastercard Foundation President Reeta Roy states, “Financial inclusion is a catalyst for economic growth and poverty reduction in Africa. By expanding access to financial services, we can unlock opportunities and create pathways to prosperity for millions of people” (Mastercard Foundation, 2023). Explore the Mastercard Foundation’s financial inclusion initiatives at Mastercard Foundation. Additionally, the Mastercard Foundation collaborates with regulators and financial institutions to create an enabling environment for inclusive finance and digital payments.

9. Social Enterprises in Latin America: Social enterprises play a vital role in addressing social and environmental challenges while driving inclusive growth in Latin America. Ashoka is a leading impact investing fund that supports social entrepreneurs and innovative solutions across the region. Ashoka CEO Bill Drayton remarks, “Social entrepreneurship is about creating systems change and driving sustainable impact. By investing in social enterprises, we can build a more equitable and sustainable future for Latin America” (Ashoka, 2023). Learn more about Ashoka’s social entrepreneurship initiatives at Ashoka. Additionally, Ashoka provides mentorship and networking opportunities to social entrepreneurs to scale their impact and influence.

10. Clean Energy in Asia: Investments in clean energy are essential for promoting environmental sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in Asia. The Climate Investment Funds (CIF) is actively involved in financing clean energy projects across the region. CIF CEO Mafalda Duarte emphasizes, “Clean energy is the cornerstone of Asia’s transition to a low-carbon economy. By investing in renewable energy, we can combat climate change, create green jobs, and foster sustainable development” (Climate Investment Funds, 2023). Explore CIF’s clean energy investments at Climate Investment Funds. Additionally, CIF works with governments and private sector partners to mobilize climate finance and accelerate the deployment of clean energy technologies.

Conclusion: Impact investing in emerging markets presents a unique opportunity to address pressing social and environmental challenges while delivering financial returns. Through investments in microfinance, renewable energy, affordable housing, agriculture, healthcare, education, clean water, financial inclusion, social enterprises, and clean energy, impact investing funds are driving positive change and contributing to sustainable development in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

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