Dr. Shaun Conway / ixo

Shaun is a clinically experienced physician, international development specialist and visionary leader at the forefront of solving complex social challenges, through systems-thinking and technological innovation.
He has a passion for designing and building ethical, data-driven technologies and systems that can positively transform human experience and improve well-being for millions of people.

He has founded a portfolio of technology-driven startup ventures that have successfully scaled to become leading health service delivery, advisory services and scientific research organisations.
At an international level, Shaun has advised and worked for international institutions such as the World Health Organisation, UNAIDS, UNICEF, the World Bank and the UK Department for International Development (where he was a Health Systems Advisor in the Research and Policy Division).
He has designed systems innovations and technological solutions for local sustainable socio-economic development, in partnership with large corporations, government agencies and civil society organisations.

In 2008, Shaun presented an idea for a decentralised data-driven mechanism to optimise capital allocation to sustainable development projects, that would give stakeholders an economic stake through a system of credits (which we now call tokens in the Web3 context).
This was the genesis for what has since become the ixo Protocol.
The nonprofit ixo Foundation was established 2007 to be the custodian of this protocol and to continue proving, improving and promoting new data standards and information technologies that enable sustainable social, environmental and economic development.
Shaun is now leading the international deployment of the ixo network, to become the open data infrastructure for the sustainable impact economy.